When engaging in a remote data staffing service with Activist, we want you to feel like we are part of your team. You are welcome to call with questions, invite us to staff meetings and treat us like part of your office. We have consultants working in a variety of different CRM products.

Gift Processing and Data Entry

Gift processing is executed by a specialist at Activist with the skillset and experience that best matches your organization’s needs. Gift processing typically includes: updating donor contact information, entering donations, creating thank you letters and/or receipts, and filing gift information as specified by the client. With some setup, we can even field mail, deposit checks and run credit and ACH donations.

Data entry services can be used in a variety of ways. Maybe you have a short term project – a huge stack of returned mail, or a 30 page, hand-written email list needing to be entered manually. Or maybe you have ongoing needs like regularly updating and adding constituents or notes. We can accommodate just about anything.

Data Management

This service can include a wide variety of duties. We are always flexible to accommodate our client’s needs. Typically, data management is: routine maintenance and auditing, strategic planning, reporting, importing, global changes, setting up new letters, mailers, lists and more. Our preference, when possible and desired by the client, is to educate our clients along the way so they become more self-sufficient within their own database, making absolute reliance on Activist less necessary.

Consulting and Training

Our highest level of service for Blackbaud users for database cleanup and restructuring, conversions, best practices and training. We are always growing and bringing on new consultants with a variety of skills and experiences. Inquire to see what current products we are able to provide consulting for.