Data Management

The integrity and accuracy of your data is the lifeblood of your development program. Activist Consulting offers a wide array of data management services that ensure your database is a powerful fundraising tool and not just a really expensive contact list.

While our services are customized to fit the needs of our clients, they typically involve:

  • Routine maintenance and auditing

  • Strategic planning

  • Reporting

  • Importing

  • Global changes

  • Setting up letters, mailers and lists

This list is in no way comprehensive. We’ve completed all sorts of unique projects for our clients that have supported events, campaigns and other initiatives they are undertaking. We have created call lists for phonathons, extracted affinity data from yearbooks and helped our clients identify new and out of the box ideas for utilizing data.

With our team, your data is in expert hands. And we treat it with the utmost caution to achieve and maintain the necessary accuracy of your data. Sometimes the needed next steps are apparent, like when you find a whole bunch of duplicate records or a get a ton of returned mail. Other times it is not so obvious. Our strategic planning process includes a complete analysis and report of the state of your data, including a detailed plan on how to rectify the problems we uncover.

The Activist process does not end with “here’s your list.” We prefer to educate our clients along the way. This allows the client to learn and develop the skills needed so they are not absolutely reliant on Activist, although we are always there to help.

Our process is geared towards ensuring your database, and those that come into contact with it,  is a well oiled machine that plays a significant role in achieving your mission and hitting your fundraising goals. We create a data management plan that works perfectly in sync with your organization’s Strategic Plan and your Development Plan.

This is why our plan encompasses both data and training. Our clients understand what we fixed and why it was necessary, they have the right skillset moving forward.


Schedule your Database Audit today to find out how much more you could be getting from your data.