Why staff your Database position(s) with Activist Consulting? We’ll alleviate a lot of your data headaches by taking an alternative approach:

Our Approach

Activist Consulting offers professional, remote-accessed Raiser’s Edge data entry and management. Finding and attracting experienced and committed database managers is difficult and expensive. Many time nonprofits conduct exhaustive, costly searches only to hire a candidate they weren’t thrilled with, who only stays for a few months to a year. Our staffing solutions eliminate the headache and costs of high turnover.

Nonprofits often don’t have the resources to hire a true professional with years of experience helping their organization hit their goals through professionally managed data. So they hire a recent college grad who seems like a fast learner and will pick up the software pretty quickly. The problem with this method is that without a professional training and advising them, they form bad habits, they make costly mistakes and make things worse. However well-intentioned they are, they cannot overcome the lack of experience. Activist Consulting gives you a dedicated, experienced professional with an entire team behind them, for less than the cost of an entry level employee. You save money on benefits, lost productivity on sick days and costly mistakes made with your data.

Activist Consulting can help you regardless of the scope. We completely manage data for some of our clients, serving as the Database Administrator. For others, we simply supplement a small team, providing data management and training. Whatever situation you find yourself in, Activist can provide a solution that fits your team and your budget.

In addition to saving you financially on the front end, your mission and goals will be better off on the back end after working with Activist Consulting. We’ll help you strategically segment your annual fund list, helping you grow. We’ll create a data environment and processes that help you track all of your contacts and interactions with major prospects, allowing you to build on that relationship with each and every conversation you have with them.

The database position on your team is not someone who simply enters checks and generates a list four or five times a year when you want to send out a mail piece. This position, when filled correctly, is a strategic investment in achieving your mission and hitting your fundraising and alumni goals.

Invest in your data position today.