Gift Processing and Data Entry

Activist Consulting offers a comprehensive set of services that take the gift processing, data entry and tax/stewardship letters off your plate. Our experts can take care of the following

Gift Processing 

Our gift processing services are provided by a team of experts that save a ton of time with efficient and timely entry of your gifts. Gift processing demands a huge ongoing time commitment to ensure timely entry and stewardship. Professional gift entry services from Activist Consulting make sure gifts are entered accurately, with a quick turnaround and that your donors are acknowledged for their gift right away.

You can conduct your fundraising efforts with confidence, knowing that your gifts and data are being entered professionally. This allows effective stewardship and ensures that all your reporting is accurate and helpful later on down the line. Quality input results in quality output.

With some setup, we can even field mail, deposit checks and run credit and ACH donations. This completely alleviates our clients from the gift entry and processing responsibility and puts it into the hands of experts, freeing them up to do what they do best: Raise money and generate support for their mission.

Data Entry

Data Entry can mean any number of things. Our team is equipped to handle that huge stack of returned mail in your stationery closet, update donor information that you’ve collected at events or from other donors, and go through that drawer of business cards to enter in new business contacts.

We can make sure that your new students are imported in a timely manner so you don’t end up with gaps in your school data.

We can also help you create a gameplan to collect, import and eventually utilize new data. Our flexibility allows you to get valuable, relationship building data from unique places.

We can turn your handwritten list of information into valuable, organized data and import it into your database.

The most important benefit of putting your gift processing and data entry work in Activist’s hands is that you can focus on your mission, knowing that everything will be done quickly and done right. You can rely on insights gleaned from your reports because they are based on accurate data and gift entry.

Talk to a professional about your gift and data entry today.